Pheeding Philly

Often times, we take things for granted: Wifi, free promotional swag, and people making fools of themselves on both TV and the Internet. Another that we overlook? The roofs over our heads and the food on our tables.

Eight-hundred and seventy million people in the world suffer from chronic hunger. While this may seem like a problem far and away from the city of Philadelphia, La Salle students Becca Long and Molly Mahon made sure to illustrate a different picture to our class in their presentation of Pheed Philly.

Pheed is a student-run service organization that has worked tirelessly since 2011 to fight hunger. According to Long and Mahon’s presentation, Philadelphia sits at eighth in the country’s top 10 cities without enough food for its residents. Hunger is here in Philly, too, they declared.

Pheed Philly members work at one of four kitchens.

Pheed Philly members work at one of four kitchens.

Working with four individual kitchens to help in the struggle against starvation, Pheed continues to grow within the Lasallian community’s service groups. With 10 coordinators, and with four days of the week spent on-site, the organization has helped members appreciate what they have.

“We have enough food on campus to feed us five times over,” Mahon said during the presentation. But there’s something even more that resonates with her and other members.

“I really enjoy the relationships I’ve formed [at sites],” Mahon went on. “I will go to my anatomy class, and then I’ll go to a soup kitchen, and I’ll learn so much more at the soup kitchen.”

Bluntly, these students get it. While they can never hope to fully undo hunger’s “spiraling effect on many inequalities,” as Mahon put it, Pheed’s members continue to help those in Philadelphia who go to bed hungry.

Hoping to learn more, or to get involved? You can visit their site here.



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